Bihar Bhakti Andolan

Bihar Bhakti Andolan
Bihar Bhakti Andolan with the victims of Koshi Disaster in 2008

बिहार-भक्ति क्या है ?

इस वीडिओ को अवश्य देखने का कष्ट करें.आप इसे बार बार देखेगें और अपने मित्रों को भी शेयर करेगें !

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mera Bihar Mahan : Article by Faizan Ahmad

Garv se kaho hum Bihari hain" (say with pride we are Bihari) is the slogan; "Biharis of the world unite" is the call and "revival of Bihari pride", in each and every Bihari heart, is the motto. With this slogan, call and motto, the Bihar Bhakti Andolan (BBA) was launched recently without any fanfare but with the support of many from within and outside the state. The man and brain behind the 'movement' is Arvind Pandey, who, incidentally, is not a Bihari. 

"Bihar has given enough to the world and the country. Now it is their turn to turn towards this benighted state." 

Yet, sometime back when a popular one Bhojpuri folk singer,  released his audio cassette Bihar Nahi Sudhri (Bihar is incorrigible), Pandey sang songs in praise of Bihar in his cassette produced by Venus to counter the T-series product
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