Bihar Bhakti Andolan

Bihar Bhakti Andolan
Bihar Bhakti Andolan with the victims of Koshi Disaster in 2008

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

बिहार का निर्णय : श्री अभयानंद:पुलिस महानिदेशक

श्री अभयानंद और श्री अरविंद पाण्डेय
२००९ में मुज़फ्फरपुर  के एक  कार्यक्रम में.

कुछ करो आखिर तो तुम भी इस ज़मीं के हो सपूत.
अब तो इस सूबे की सूरत और सजनी चाहिए.

In the Era of Engulfing Movement for Demand of Jan Lokpal, Bihar, in the Visionary Leadership of Shri Nitish Kumar, Decides to make the system once again'' the best Administered '', so, appoints Shri Abhayanand as Director General of Police.Shri Abhayanand, an officer with vision of Effective Honesty, the Concept-Creator of Wold-Famous Super30. Mere one decision of Government has created a wave of expected joy among those who want to see '' Bihar , the Best '' , at the same time, it created expected fear among corrupts who live with philosophy that all politicians are in favor of weak administrators..Again , Shri Nitish Kumar proved himself to be different among his own community.. Let the Bihar meet his Destiny soon..Shri Abhayanand and Shri Aravind Pandey in 2009.

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